Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sticky Situation

1. Explain how you developed your ideas for "Sticky Situation"

The way I developed my ideas for the project were first by thinking literally. I thought of situations that were sticky to the touch, as in Popsicles melting on your hands.  Then I thought  of it in a figurative manner. I thought of situations that would of put you in a tough situation as in a hot air ballon popping. I also came up with someone ideas by looking around the room for inspiration. The inspiration for the Popsicles came when I saw a peice that Mrs. Rossi did of melting Popsicle; I saw the colors she incorporated into the artwork and I thought that I wanted to do a peice that I could include a different variety of colors in it. To make it more fun. Then after I generated and elaborated on my ideas I picked the two idea that I could have the most fun with and that I could incorporate a lot of color and texture into too. 

2. Were you able to think outside the box when you were thinking about ideas?

When thinking about ideas I was able to think outside the box. The concept that I choose was basic with the Popsicles so I was thinking of ways to make it creative and outside the box. Then I thought of a way to incorporate Popsicle sticks into my painting to really bring out the creativity and the meaning to the artwork. So I choose instead of a canvas, to paint into Popsicle sticks instead. This way the painting also has a different texture and 3-D look to it. 

3. You were to incorporate repetition, rhytnm or pattern. How did you accomplish this. 

I incorporated repetition in my artwork. I did this by repeating the concept of Popsicles melting throughout the whole peice. Instead o just having one or two Popsicles melting I added 8 Popsicles to the entire canvas. Also or repetition I repeated the theme of Popsicles by glueing multiple Popsicles sticks the the canvas and painted on the as the background, so the look and texture of a Popsicle stick is repeated  throughout the entire artwork. 

4. Describe your choice of media (acrylic, watercolor) and your challenges and successes while using it.

The media that I use for my final peice was acrylic paint. I choose this me is because I knew I would be able to create strong values and colors in my art work. I also chose this media because it was the best option for making new and colorful colors, for my final art work. I was very successful in creating many different shades of different colors for the art work. I was also sucessful in incorporating shadows and where te light source was with these paints because they easily go on top of one another. However, I did have some difficulties with this media. One thing that I did struggle with was how fast the paint dryed. This was challenging because when I wanted to go back and fix something, the pain had already dried so I wasn't able to accomplish what I wanted. I also had trouble painting over unwanted paint that got into the yellow background, because the yellow was so bright and transparent it took multiple layers to cove up the spot. Overall, the paint that I choose was a fun media to work with because it challenged me and let me have a good time, all at the same time. 

5. How important were the mini lessons to the success of your final product?

The mini lessons that we had in class were very important to the success of my final project. They were important because when we experimented with each different media it made me realize which media I would be comfertable and most successful in using for my final project. It also helped me get confertable with the media I knew I would be using for my final; and make sure I perfected it befor apptemptibg my final peice. The mini projects were also very important to the success of my final project because they helped me brain storm the different colors I would be using in media. Along with brain storming, the projects also hoed me practice mixing colors and getting the right shades right the first time, I order not to water paint or having to start all over again. All in all the mini projects help contribute to the success of my final project tremendously, and I would like to continue doing this for every project in the future. The sticky situation was so far the most enjoyable project because I knew I would be able to portray myself in my artwork better than with any other media.