Art 1 Final Portfolio

1) This semester we did many art projects, however there is one particular project that I believe was most successful. The project that I believe was most successful was the landscape painting. I believe that this was the most successful project because we incorporated all the skills that we had learned throughout the semester,  in the painting. We leaned about values and shadows, which gave the painting depth and a 3D look.  Also we  learned about colors and complementary colors that go well with the primary colors (blue, red, and yellow). With the knowledge of the colors going into this project it made it easier to make the correct colors I needed to give my artwork a more realistic look.Also by using different tints and shades of a certain color i was able to achieve depth in the object. Beside the techniques that were incorporated, I also believe that this project was the most successful because we were able to express our selves in our art work. Art is about expressing who you are and making your art work unique to show your personality, and I believe that this project let you express yourself. Another reason why this project was the most successful because you learned so much knowledge about art, that you will need to know for many art project in the future. We learned about the color wheel and how to make a certain color by mixing different complimentary and primary colors. We also learned that on a canvas where you paint, you can easily mixes the colors straight on the canvas to bring out more depth. The most important thing I have learned, and will use for many other art projects, is the variety of different colors you need to use to  really show the value and depth of your painting. So instead of just painting a tree brown, you can use other colors to really bring out the object.

2) Throughout the course of the semester I have grown a lot with my art skills. I have developed better knowledge on how to create quality art work. However, the one particular art project that helped me grow the most was the value portrait. This project helped me grow as an artist because it helped me learn how important different values are when you are drawling. This project taught me that no object has just one value, and in order to make the art work more realistic and pop out you need to add depth. This project helped me develop the most because I also learned about the different pencil values and which number value would create a darker or lighter mark. Other than the  pencil depth this project also taught me not to be afraid to add really dark values. I learned that the darker the value the more the object will stand out and create a 3D illusion. Another thing that this project helped me grow on, was light  source. This project helped me identify a certain light source and helped me learn how to show it. To show where the light source was coming from I had to  make the side the sun was hitting light   while the other side was darker. These skills that I learned throughout this project I originally thought were pointless. however, as the semester went on I started to realize that I was incorporating all these skills in every art project I did. The value portrait has made me grow as an artist.

3) The clay tile  was constructed by using skills and techniques that I have learned from previous projects. This project was successful because I have grown as an artist and have learned to master the skills that Iwas taught in this course. In previous projects where I was just learning about light source I was having a hard time showing it in my art work. However, on the clay tile I was successful in showing where the light source was and where shadows were, that was created by the animal. I was successful because I knew where the light didn't hit, had to be a darker color, and where the light sourcedid hit had to be lighter shade of the color used. I grew in this project in the sense that I was able to incorporate shades and tints in the correct spot, successfully incorporating the light source in my final piece. This certain project is proof that I have grown as an artist because I use previous knowledge of texture into my final piece. Previously I learned that texture was an important aspect in showing the depth and creating the realistic affect. Therefore, I showed texture in the leaves by making certain indention's in each one. For my animal I created his texture by scrapping an exacto knife, by doing this I was able to show the texture of his wings and feather. By using previous skills and techniques that i enquired from past projects, I was successful in portraying the growth I have made from the beginning of the semester to the end.
4) Out of all the art projects we have done many of the have been critical aspects in learning the certain art techniques that will be used throughout the semester in art. However, there is a certain artwork that I believe had no impact in learning the concepts taught in this course. The artwork that I believe was the least important was the anamorphosis drawling. I believe that this project was the least important because it inquired the least amount of skills that we learned previous to this project. This project felt more like a practice for the skills that we previously learned as in the light source and the shading. I also believe that this project was the least important because we went through the lesson of photo shop and morphing it so quickly I didn't really pick up any of the new skills that we used. This project felt like more of a review project than a new concept to me. the only new skill that was taught to us was on the computer using photo shop to morph pictures. We didn't really learn any new art skills while we were working on this project.

 5) Out of all the art  works I have accomplished in art, I believe that the one artwork that reflects me the more as an artist is the stencil. I believe this reflects me the most because it reflects my personality in every way. The collage was made based on what I thought looked right All the picture arrangement were based on my personality and my likings. It shows how colorful I am and how my personality is bright, because of all the different color variety I used in the background. For the stencil picture I personally choose it because I have always dreamed of going to Hong Kong, and experiencing what the city life is like there. After I finished cutting out the stencil with my exacto knife, I spray painting the collage I made with vibrant colors. I choose these colors based on what I though Hong Kong was going to be like. Very bright and colorful. This artwork, out of all of them, reflects me as an artist because I reflected myself ion my work. As I spray painted and created my collage I made sure to put some of my personality into my work to show the uniqueness of it.

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