Thursday, January 9, 2014

Book Carving

 Explain how you developed your design for your book carving. How important was it to have a clear plan before starting?
The way that I developed my idea for my book was by going on top Pinterest and looking at over carvings to help me brainstorm an idea. After looking at several carvings I finally came up with the idea of a locking and a heart. After drawling several sketches and planning out I finally was sure what I was going to do for my final project. It was very important to have a clear plan before starting because you have to plan out all of your layers and make sure you didn't have any islands so that when you got to the carving stage you would be able to do it without any complications. Once you started carving there was no turnin back so you want to know your exact plan before carving. 

 What were the challenges you faced when working on this project? Explain how you overcame them. 
There were many challenges when it came to the carving of the book. Te challenges that I faced with the book was being able to carve straight and clean lines and also being able to cut through all the layers without ripping anything. I over came these obsticles with time and patience. To make sure I cut clean lines I ha to make sure that was blade was always sharp and never dull. This would also help make sure I would cut through all the layers evenly. 

Discuss your design and how it relates to the book you chose (if that was the case, if not just discuss design). 
 The design I descided to go with was a heart in a locket. On the outside of the book it would be a lock. And when you opened the book it would be a heart with a bunch of tubes connected to the heart to show how the heart is connected to the book. And on some of the tubes there would be keys. These keys would represent what would be needed to open the lock and I also did the keys to make sure the theme was incoerperated throughout the whole project. 
Did you take any risks? How and why?
I did take a lot of risks during this project because I wanted to push myself to see what kind of artist I'm capable of being and what kind of work I'm capable of producing.  The risks I took were by haveing a more complicated theme in my book. I also took the risk by having a complicated design in my book with lots of small spaces and small parts to cut out. This challenged me to really cut neat and clean. 
 Describe how you felt about the overall project and if you felt it was successful.

Overall I felt I was very sucessful with the project. I felt I was able to incoerperated the theme from the cover to inside the book so it would be able to tell a story by itself.  I also loves how this project really pushed you to your limits as an artist and pushed you to realize what kind of work your capable of doing. I would love to do this project again and experiment with a bunch of other techniques that I could of done when cutting into the book.