Friday, December 7, 2012


Overall the perspective drawling that we did on a game board was very difficult. Its hard to draw the game in perspective not having any specific vanishing points to follow and instead just eyeing the whole drawling. It was very hard to draw everything to scale. The concept of overlapping and the horizon were easy. I knew where the horizon line was because of the angle I took my picture at, and for the overlapping I made sure I had things overlapping in my picture to create depth and to also show the perspective.  However other than the actual drawling part, the coloring part was fairly easy. While I was water coloring it became difficult when I got to the darker colors to make them more transparent, but just by washing the colors out and by adding more water i was able to create very transparent water colors. After my water colors dried i moved onto colored pencil. By using colored pencils I was able to create depth and value to my drawling. i was able to create depth by the graduation of colors. for the farther object i made sure that i colored them a darker shade and as the object got closer I colored them lighter. I did this to create depth and to show the different grounds of the drawling. this also created value for the object in the drawling. Also while I was coloring with colored pencil i didn't just use one color for one object i used multiple. I blended a variety of colors in my drawling to add value and dimensions of the object; this would create the illusion of them pooping out of the paper. Also while I was coloring i made sure to leave white spots so it would show the highlights of the game pieces; this would show value and where the light source was coming from. Finally, to make all the game pieces to pop i added shadows. shadows help create the illusion that the pieces were 3-D and were coming off the paper.
 While doing this I learned how many differnt perspecitives their are in the world and how their arnt just one and two point perspectives.

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